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This is your opportunity to think freely. To be hopeful and optimistic of the future and swing for the fence. Here are a few examples to help get your mind right when coming up with big ideas.

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Don't worry about technological limitations

Don't try to determine current trends and extrapolate them into the future - make it timeless, be straightforward and simple, focused and purposeful

Consider: What are the probabilities that a given event will occur and how do we adapt to it

Forget rational and irrational - what speaks to you?

Be wary of unintentional biases and discriminations that might infuse your future concept

Think about pulling conventions and patterns from other new platforms and experiences

Don't think of the product or the result, think of the experience

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Big ideas

These ideas are created by reviewing all of the ideas submitted by IBMers or clients. A big idea is formed if a theme is spotted when several smaller ideas are submitted.