Cost optimization

What if we could maximize our users' savings by working with our competitors to offer the very best and most effective solution?

High level concept

We could show our users the very best and most cost effective solution for them, whether it be on our platform or not.


Support come up time and time again as one of our biggest NPS detractors. What if we could solve the issue before users ever had to reach support? Before they ever had to scour the docs? We could join their team, waiting on standby for any questions they might have, big or small. We could be there to chat with them, offer our expertise, or even set up deployments for them. No more time wasted searching for answers for our users, and no more time deciphering cryptic NPS responses for us. No hand holding here, only real time help.
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Big ideas

These ideas are created by reviewing all of the ideas submitted by IBMers or clients. A big idea is formed if a theme is spotted when several smaller ideas are submitted. Notice one missing? Submit it here!