Complete solutions

What if instead of buying individual services, users could deploy complete solutions?

High level concept

Users could deploy complete solutions based on the tasks important to them. In just a few clicks, users could deploy complex cloud architectures that integrate seamlessly with their existing architecture.


"Multiple behavioural experiments have consistently demonstrated that greater choice complexity increases anxiety and hinders decision-making." (psychologist Barry Schwartz)

How can we let our users know the wide array of choices we offer without overwhelming and overloading with the complexity and sheer number of options? By using a variety of known factors, like common use cases based on industry or job function, common user journeys, job functions and use cases, we can present our users our wide array of services wrapped up in a limited set of options. Not only would this help our users make decisions, but save them time. For example, to set up a virtual server instance, users must first create a virtual server to host it, set up and connect an SSH Key, and create a virtual private cloud for it all to live on. Instead of making our users complete 4 different create experiences across 3 different services, we could offer our users exactly what they are looking for in a neatly wrapped package - reducing setup to a matter of clicks. Plus, we could potentially sell more services this way - when presented in a complete package we can ensure users won't miss out on essential services for the task they are performing. Let's focus on the overall end goal, instead of the individual services and applications.
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